Balan Services


• We are a company specializing in administrative, financial, logistics, commercial advice and consultancy business and new projects.

• Our company is legally incorporated in the Ecuador and complies with all the requirements of law on the regime of companies.

• We focus the service as priority areas or vulnerable processes or greater exposure to risk in order to minimize them or eliminate them

• We offer practical alternatives to simplify your internal processes, through the design of internal control tools that generate substantial added value in the productivity and profitability of the company.

Advice on corporate governance


• Creation of directories / committees

• Political responsibilities

• Family protocols

• The generational transition management


Financial Advisor


• Valuation of companies

• Planning and control of the flow of cash – EBITDA

• Development of financial strategies - with cost-benefit impact

• Investment plans of excess liquidity within and outside of the country, security of international and local investment

• Advice on preparation and control of budgets of utilities - ROI, ROA, ROS, ROE

• Analysis of scenarios of prices, costs and margins

• Management of assets and liabilities flows - indices of liquidity, working capital, breakeven point, cash conversion cycle

• Evaluation of compliance with the current legal regulations and identification of potential tax savings - zero risk SRI

• Advice on strategic planning with BALANCE SCORE CARD - KPI´s

• Preparation of BUSINESS PLAN - new projects

• Securitization projects portfolio - obligations, etc.

•Divestment of unproductive assets plans

• Physical taking of inventory and fixed assets.


Consultancy in Administrative Management


• Development of schemes of organization and Control based on:

• Rocess management - policies and procedures - leading process - optimization process - simplify transaction management

• Indicators of management and productivity - KPI´s

•Identification of potential risks of frauds or irregularities in management, safety, supply and storage, etc.

• Policy application of conduct of business and conflict of interests

• Risk management and contingency plans


Organizational consulting and Ruman Resources


• Organic structures quality analysis – functional

• Proposals of optimization and/or reduction of organisational structures

• Flattening of structures

• Analysis of profiles of charge - approval of fees and salaries

• Analysis of the structure of wages - wage policies and compensation projections - economic impact – risks

• Study of the functional distribution and productivity - analysis times and movements

• Performance evaluation program

• Diagnosis of training needs

• Analysis of quality of selection and recruitment processes

• Index evaluation of rotation - productivity - weight of the cost on the profitability


Computer consulting


• Study and diagnosis of the IT infrastructure

• Evaluation of productivity versus the cost of the computer service

• Evaluation of the registration and update transactions in real time

• Survey of satisfaction of users: identification of bottlenecks, desfases-processing, frequency of system crashes, inconsistencies of processed information, etc.

• Optimization of the connectivity of networks - communication - internet - intranet systems

• Evaluation of the effectiveness of the service of maintenance and

• Technical support


Payroll outsourcing


• Confidential payroll executives and general management

• Selection and recruitment of staff

• Design of manuals of functions

• Staff assessment - organizational climate

• Elaboration and control of IESS and SRI reports

• Control of accounting provisions and social benefit payments

• Reporting of welfare benefits to the Ministry of labour Index of turnover and productivity of RR.HH.

• Coordination actuarial study for Provision for compensation



Our company puts at your disposal a select team of instructors, professionals with high levels of knowledge and experience in the areas of our services, allowing us to present a wide range of courses and seminars, aimed at improving the performance of the staff who receive training on the following topics:


Financial - administrative technical courses



• PREPARATION of budgets (zero Base / historical basis)

• STRATEGIC management and project - evaluation and execution - VAN – TIR

• Treasury - CASHFLOW - cash conversion cycle

• PROCESS - value - process map chain management

• Fundamental principles - risks internal CONTROL strategies

• SUPERESTRATEGIAS of audit - value added for the Cia


Motivational for human resources courses




• TEAMWORK - advantages and disadvantages - winners and losers


• THE art of speaking in public - techniques of eloquence



• Organizational design in line with the strategic objectives of the company with the support of technology as large corporations demand it

• Remarkable increase in productivity in general

• Simplification of processes and tasks in general

• Elimination of downtime

• Elimination of formalities or inefficient functions

• Substantial internal control system improvement

• A proper risk management with effective contingency plans

• Scheme of easy application and updating policies and procedures

• System efficient, timely management information for decision-making

• Team of highly productive work with projection in the company